Building the next generation of supply chain and procurement strategy.

After nearly 30 years of building global Procurement organizations, I had the opportunity to lay the foundation for a new model of decentralized Procurement at a major CPG.  While I am going to miss corporate life, I am excited to share that I am going to create a new capability in supply chain and sourcing.  This model will bring together the best thinking of supplier and industry partners to drive financial, ESG and supply agility. To learn more, go to

I look forward to partnering with you on this new and exciting journey.

CPOs today are challenged with a massive amount of change and business complexity.  Over the last few years, through the pandemic, well established procurement organizations have laid the foundation for closer business engagement and a role as a trusted business partner for leading organizations.  However, these CPOs are now faced with a choice – how to prioritize investment in people, process and systems to ensure the opportunity doesn’t pass them by.  They need to 1) engage stressed talent and resources, that long for the stability of pre-pandemic sourcing.  2) rebuild supply chains that were effectively “broken” over the last few years, stretched beyond their design limits. 3) leverage digital tools and services organizations to increase strategic focus and capacity of their organizations at a lower cost. All of these must be achieved to ensure delivery against ever increasing business expectations. 

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