What you buy and where you buy it will elevate or sink your business.

The last several years have underscored the importance of supply chain and procurement. A strategic approach is critical to ensure your ability to meet consumer needs, mitigate risk and grow revenue and profitability.

Let the experience and expertise of MDWSCo, help you navigate the complexity of supply chains and sourcing and create competitive advantage for your business.

Who we are

Meet Melani Wilson Smith, our CEO.

After nearly 30 years in industry working in Supply Chain, Operations and Procurement, Melani Wilson Smith launched MDWSCo, a supply chain advisory, impact and investment firm. MDWSCo seeks to bring together business operations with deep insight and knowledge about consumers, markets and suppliers and to help organizations drive innovation and growth from their supply chains.

MDWSCo helps you think strategically about your business, supply chain, and sustainability.

Our Mission: sustainable, people centered, relationship driven, intelligent sourcing. We help you craft a supply chain that delivers to your consumers, customers and employees profitably, consistently and sustainably.

◈ Supply Chain

We have a proven approach to diagnose, analyze and build the supply chain resulting in
◆ Increased revenue growth
◆ A stronger and more efficient innovation pipeline
◆ Value: profitability, cost effectiveness and risk mitigation

◈ Acquisitions and Investments

Our approach is consistent with our investment strategy: to fund existing business enterprises, improve their operations and performance and ensure consistent cost, quality and service to their customers
◆ Fund existing business enterprises,
◆ Improve operations and performance,
◆ Ensure consistent cost, quality and service.

◈ Implementation

We offer resources that can ensure success of our recommendations by
◆ Putting strategy into action
◆ Understanding and reinventing your supply chain for optimal performance.

What sets us apart ?

we are experienced professionals with a diverse set of capabilities

Application across industry and size

MDWSCo will apply our thinking to your business with a focused diagnostic and then make recommendations for a tailored path forward to ensure we meet your short- and long-term business needs.  We bring a proven approach with an ability to ensure success for your specific business.

Diagnostic to identify gaps and build solutions

A diagnostic process that will quickly help your organization assess supply chain challenges and capitalize on opportunity. The diagnostic is underpinned by expertise in sourcing goods and services, supply chain design and supplier management across categories, industries and regions.  The combination of diagnostics and delivery capability will ensure immediate and tangible results for your organization.

Demonstrated sustainability: responsibility and risk

We understand that sustainability is both a responsibility and a risk.  As leaders we owe future generations a whole and healthy earth and as business operators, we know the dollars and sense of sustainability.  Our approach considers the environmental, social and governance impact of your decisions.  

Main Services



We provide fractional freelance Chief Supply Chain Officer, interim procurement management, market insight, and organization design and development to firms looking to improve the value from their operations and sourcing.


Angel Investing – capital infusion to invest in your business and drive growth.


Coaching and development of supply chain leaders, ensuring top talent leads your organization and ensuring succession plans that will deliver business impact and longevity.

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