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Our mission: sustainable, people centered, relationship driven, intelligent sourcing. We help you craft a supply chain that delivers
to your consumers, customers and employees profitably, consistently and sustainably.

We are here to help

Over the last several years, companies of all sizes have learned the importance of managing their supply chain. To
optimize cost to be sure, but importantly to create the competitive advantage of meeting consumer demand
through industry or company sourcing challenges.

Our proven approach is to Assess

Baseline business impact

◈ Quantify the impact of supply chain
◈ Leverage existing and standard metrics
◈ Identify key stakeholders

Current state strategy

◈ Assess current strategy – what, how and effectiveness
◈ Bidirectional supplier relationship
◈ Identify barriers to success

Cost and performance
v. market

◈ Leverage key indices to assess your relative competitive position

Risk & Mitigation

◈ In depth assessment of market and supply chain risks that impact your supply chain


◈ An approach to the supply chain and supply market that clearly outlines success criteria
◈ Aligned with stakeholders, their expectations and the path to long term results

Short Goals

◈ Plan focused on delivering the foundation for success while ensuring short goals are met

Execute & Implement

◈ MDWSCo Practitioners can help you implement the strategy and ensure success

Manage and maintain

◈ Ongoing supply chain management and delivery through fractional or interim support

Main Services



We provide fractional freelance Chief Supply Chain Officer, interim procurement management, market insight, and organization design and development to firms looking to improve the value from their operations and sourcing.


Angel Investing – capital infusion to invest in your business and drive growth.


Coaching and development of supply chain leaders, ensuring top talent leads your organization and ensuring succession plans that will deliver business impact and longevity.